YMR 2019: Fire to Take The City

With a burning desire to set men on fire for God, Pastor Daniel Olawande, the Lead Pastor of RCCG Living Seed Church fondly called P Daniel.

P Daniel has a mandate to gather Youths and Young ministers all over the World during the Young Minister’s Retreat which takes place annually on the last 3 days of the year. This year’s theme was Fire to Take the City, which started on the 26th of December 2019, with the Volunteers Congress where some miracles were recorded, bearing in mind that the recorded volunteers for that day were close to 3000 people.

The main meeting started on 27th December with Young ministers from different Denominations who choose to seek the face of the Lord and encounters with the God of revival rather than spending the last 3days of the Year 2019 seeking fun
YMR 2019 had in attendance close to 10,000 people from Nigeria and all over the World. Ministrations from Mummy Folu .A. Adeboye, Pastor Femi Lazarus, and Evangelist Lawrence Oyor amongst many others, sparked a taste of the revival that has been prophesied for so many years. Over 350 miracles has been recorded so far with burning hearts littered over the country with Young Ministers who are already Taking the City for God!

The Theme for YMR 2020 is GO IN THIS THY MIGHT

Indeed YMR 2019 was a huge success and has never been seen anywhere in Nigeria. We are expecting a great move of God in 2020, Are you???