StartNOW Channel is a Media Platform SET UP BY MEN, LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT to shake out mediocrity from children of GOD. We are a dedicated community triggered by the inability of sons to manifest all-round Excellence on all sides.


Hence, we provide materials that illuminate the minds of hearts of people towards the REALITY of their destinies. This is the time to build up yourself and RELEASE the POWER of GOD into your world. Why wait till tomorrow when you can start building yourself today.




StartNOW Channel is hungry to see GENERATIONS burn for GOD in every sphere of life. We seek to see the children of GOD take over the 7 Mountains of this world leaving none for the devil to handle hence, living with a balanced life that consistently proves the WISDOM OF GOD.




StartNOW Channel is dedicated in taking over the MEDIA MOUNTAIN that has been inhabited by people who don’t influence people unto Christ. And not just the Media Mountain, but to consistently take over the Spheres in EXCELLENCE unto the Glory of GOD

StartNOW Channel Target

  • Development
  • Soul Lifting
  • Inspiring
  • Reaching Out