The race of destiny is not like a 100 meters race but a marathon race.


So we race not with SPEED but with PATIENCE.
We should not be in haste to be everywhere because the journey is far.


We should learn to conserve energy and equip ourselves and build capacity
These Ancient fathers have the secret of lasting impact and longevity, they know how to move in this earth, we need to learn from them, not just learning but honoring them genuinely in our hearts, following them and we will be imparted with the same ability to last. A teacher teaches you in school and you know because of the teaching of the teacher whereas your father is a farmer who knows nothing, but in Him lies the blessing for your destiny.
Let us genuinely honor our father in heart, words, and deed and the blessings will flow into us.


We need the Wisdom of:

1. Consecration / Holiness
2. Consistency
3. Discipline /Dedication
4. Prayers and fasting (nothing can replace this )
5. Study hard (The Bible and books)
6. Absolute Obedience to God(Foolishly following God)
7. Sacrifice (our life, our money, our comfort)
8. Sensitivity / Discernment

Anyone that makes you think my Father Daddy G.O has no Rhema or old, the person needs help, is it magic that draws millions of people to redemption camp before the advent of social media and even now, the impact and reach is expanding, salvation, deliverance and so on. what took RCCG to 199 nations of the world all in less than 38 years in ministry
Anyone that talks down on men like daddy Kumuyi, ask them what took deeper life all over the world and the mission is growing and daddy with impeccable character.


Anyone that says Bishop Oyedepo is nothing, ask them what Built faith tabernacle is one year, Covenant University in 7 months, and the impact and reach across the globe with men feeding and earning a living under all these giants with no complaints of none payment of salary.
Connect with the Ancient wisdom


I see a burning generation