The Battle For The Young – Nissi The Psalmist


  • Yeah! Nissi The Psalmist on the beat y’all…
  • The Battle For The Young… (Chorus)
  • The Battle for the young is a battle for the strong,
  • So be sober, so be vigilant, be fervent in the Word,
  • It takes fit men to survive in this world,
  • So let your light shine and let the battle be for God.

(Rap 1)

  • You got to know how, you got to know when,
  • You got to know how to take ’em down anytime,
  • Let the word be for you and let the word dwell in you,
  • Don’t let anyone discriminate you because you are for God,
  • Be like Christ, and act like Christ,
  • Follow His footsteps, follow His doctrine, dwell in Jesus,
  • Jesus died for you for God to have you back again,
  • Jesus died for you to let your Battles be for God,
  • The Word Is Your Sword and God is your rod,
  • Don’t be a dog in this world of mud,
  • Don’t be a crook on the outside lookout,
  • Always be sober, and you will be mobile.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Rap 2)

  • To get a clear vision, you got to have a mission,
  • To ascertain emission and to vandalise addiction and to propagate edition, in order to understand a nation from the inward violation, to eradicate limitation.
  • Put your armor on, and get your guard on
  • Always be ready to take em’ down anytime
  • For the battle is the Lord’s, and not Ours…

(Repeat Chorus)

  • Oh, every night, and every day
  • It seems my battles are crashing on me…
  • But I’ve got you Lord, As my defense
  • In the thickest battles,you’re the refuge for me…
  • So, I will follow, follow forever
  • So, I will follow, follow forever
  • So, I will follow, follow forever
  • So, I will follow, follow forever


(Rap 3)

  • Light and darkness, they’re always incompatible
  • Always be incompatible with things of darkness
  • The things of light, they’re always the right
  • Just take a flight and don’t get in a fight
  • The works of God, they’re of great might
  • And are so bright on broad daylight
  • Don’t just fear because God is here
  • Any power dare you they’ll die like a bear
  • Don’t be a Catalyst, always be a Brutalist
  • Because the battle for the young involves a battle for the strong
  • Just have faith, that’s where your fate begins
  • The battle for the young