Taking Off The Mask – Jephthah Idahosa

Taking off the mask by Jephthah Idahosa
This is For Young Ministers Like Myself.


Your testimony off stage, behind closed doors and when no one is watching is just as important as your testimony on stage- if not more important. There’s a problem if the only time people can see that you love God and that you are passionate about Him is when you’re holding a mic. There’s a problem if God only hears your voice when you stand before men.


The house of Jacob shall bear roots downwards and bear fruit upward. That’s the order. From the parable of the sower, we see that it’s possible to sprout and appear to be growing without having roots. Funny thing is that this category of rootless plants seems to grow much faster. But such people will not last. You can’t put up a false facade for too long. Soon enough, you’ll wither and fade away because you have no source, no foundation, no roots.


Young ministers, let’s stop trying to put up a magnified image of who we really are. Why look anointed when you can really be anointed? Why appear to love God and people when you can genuinely love by the Spirit?


Take off the masks.


Be true to yourself.


Build character.


Be rooted in God.


Then you will bear fruit that will last.