Dear Believers with Kingdom mindset,

What do you consider as taking over the spheres of influence? Do you the sign that we are taking over a territory? Do you truly know when you say we are taking over the media sphere? What do you mean when you say we have taken over the governmental sphere of America? Is it because president Donald Trump is a Christian?


I will need you to understand that the fact that you see big churches with crowd growing fast in a territory doesn’t mean we have or are taking over the territory, the fact that you have millions of online followers should never give you an impression that you are taking the media sphere because Davido has more followers than any big pastor in Nigeria and a singular change of application setting from the owners of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can shut down your influence so you should never think that the kingdom is striving and we are ruling because of social media followers.


The fact that a Christian becomes the president of a nation doesn’t mean that we have taken over the political sphere because after four years or at most sixteen years his tenure would end and your so-called “taken over” will end.


The fact that we have a born again Christian as a general in the army doesn’t mean we have taken over or we are taking over the military sphere, and the fact that we have a kingdom conscious rich man or woman doesn’t mean we have or taking over the economic sphere even if the person is richer than DANGOTE, the fact that a Christian University is leading in a country doesn’t mean we have taken or taking over the education sphere.


As we keep striving towards exercising our dominion over the cosmos and it’s systems it is very important that we know what the concept of our dominion truly is, and the understanding of it is very necessary for us to know when we are truly winning or not so we don’t discover at our old age that we were just laboring after shadows without tangible impact that can transcend generations.


What our taking over in the kingdom means is the establishing of the similitude of what it is in heaven here on the earth, as long as we continue to pitch around looking for how to take over another kingdom founded by the earthen we will continue to have limitations.
We actually have not taken over any sphere and what some few privileged ones are doing is literally exploits on another man’s land like Daniel and his brethren.


The taking over is when we build our own systems where righteousness thrives and stuffs are set up that will also proffer solutions to the problems of humanity, that is how to silence the Babylonian systems and take over. It is the agenda of God that would be established on earth through his sons.


You can never change a corrupt tree into bearing good fruits; likewise, you can never take over spheres that were designed to favor those who have pledged their allegiance to corruption.
Our allegiance as sons is to make sure that the glory of God thrives on earth as we keep building righteous systems.


The technology (system) of “Zion” is different from the ones we are seeing in this current “Babylonian” system.
The structure of spheres in “Zion” is not the same as the ones we know in this current Babylonian system and the lifestyle of the Zion system is different from this current system.


To “Babylon” we don’t admire her system and civilization because we know of a more peaceful, beautiful, and advanced heavenly civilization that God has started building through his sons but in the meantime we will continue to do exploits in her land to help the helpless in her bondage of darkness with the light of the Gospel in all the spheres under her civilization.
But a system is in the “building PROCESS”, CHRIST started it.


I wish we would all do our part by fulfilling our Destinies in Christ.

I shut it here
The Witness
John De Liberty.

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