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Download Prophet E. J Newton Audio Messages

Prophet EJ Newton is a prophetic teacher of the word. He leads Grace Grace church and network. According to Yahoo Finance, he is one of the most sort after entertainment consultants in Hollywood. His message has reached and transformed some of the top entertainers and athletes. Prophet EJ’s simple teachings are grace and mystery packed; […]Read More

Breaking News: Pastor Curses Pastors who left his Church with

When men elect to be foolish and sit under a man like this, are they not really cursed? Folly and ignorance is actually a curse. Selfishness is at the heart of such an attitude. The work is God’s not ours so why the hurt? The people they “stole” belong to Jesus but the money they […]Read More

Updates: Pastor Daniel Olawande And The Street Church

@rccglscik started her street church on Sunday morning to go preach to the unchurched. The first day was a great experience. I had a heart of gratitude towards God for saving me as I saw young guys wasting away smoking and drinking away their lives but Glory to God about 33 of them confessed Jesus […]Read More

Breaking News: Pastor E.A. Adeboye Leads A Massive But Peaceful

Happening Live Now, as Pastor Adeboye of Redeem Christian Church Of God leads a protest against the insecurity in this country Nigeria. This is a perfect example of what a religious leader should do. Watch Video: This is said to be a prayer walk from CAN against insecurities in this country. Lets pray for peace. […]Read More

How Some Press Men Arranged A Woman In My Hotel

  I went to a city, and some press men arranged for a woman to hide in my hotel room. I went to bed, started sleeping. 2hours later, somebody had mental problem in the wardrobe, screaming ‘fire’ ‘fire’ ‘fire’. I woke up and I asked myself, where is fire.   I checked the bathroom because […]Read More


When you rise up in the morning and you say ‘Thank you Jesus, I’ll spend time here with You Sir, I’ll spend time with You praying in the Spirit, I’ll spend time here with You praying for my nation, praying for the body of Christ, praying for all men (Glory to God).   Then all […]Read More


This is a very delicate matter, and I have been particularly praying for wisdom to handle this matter for days now.   WHY SOME SPIRITUAL SISTERS MAY POSSIBLY SEE NO SUITOR.   As a lead pastor of a church of 100% youths, as the ladies grow older, my concerns get stronger. Most of those that […]Read More


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