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I am a married man, I love my wife


But I don’t build intimacy with my wife by spending 1 hour or more gisting with her or discussing with her ALONE after spending so much time with her in playing and discussions, I know that is never enough, there is still need for more time.


So often, I call her, send a text, check her status & post and comments, if I am on the road, I can call and say there is traffic on the road, I can send a message on WhatsApp saying I am missing you and she does same too, all through the day there is communication despite the fact that we might not be in the same place but communication never stops.


So also your relationship with the Holy Ghost is like this, you can never build intimacy with God by saying I have prayed for 1 hour or I study 2 chapters daily. The way to build intimacy with the Holy Spirit is by being all over Him ALL DAY, I mean after your 3 hours in the morning, while stepping out you request for a kiss (meaning like blasting in tongues even while taking tea).

I mean you are in traffic and you quickly check is WhatsApp status and laugh and comments (I mean you quickly bring out your e bible and your check a verse and scream and smile and laugh and take note, this is not morning devotion but on the way.

You are in your office and you just quickly respond to him, blast in tongues and express love all day.


This is how to build intimacy
Some times my wife will request that can we go out alone ( The HOLY SPIRIT will also sometimes say can we be alone, stay here with me and you can’t step out of that place.


We can’t also be stereotyped but spontaneous, we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again in a relationship, we might see a movie today and eat out tomorrow and play games or talk scriptures and vision.

So also you have to be spontaneous in your walk with the Holy Spirit, you might feel like singing, sometimes it is to laugh, sometimes it is to dance, sometimes, scream, sometimes pray in tongues.

Don’t be stereotypical, be spontaneous


This relationship is sweet, build intimacy and relationship today with the Holy Spirit, be all over Him ALL DAY
I see a burning generation