(Read Article): Ministry is not Market, Don’t Try to Blow – Pastor Femi Lazarus



Don’t allow pressure kill God’s plan for your life and Ministry.

Don’t lie about the extent of miracles in your ministry.


Don’t lie about the population of your members.

Don’t let pressure push you into associations that you shouldn’t have been in the first place.


Ministry is not market, don’t try to “blow”

If you are given ten minutes to lead prayer in a meeting, just go straight to the point and lead the prayer.


When you begin to do Impartation when you are told to lead prayers the people will feel like sleeping.

Don’t let pressure push you to lift revelations from messages. Things you haven’t even proven, but then you share them like you sleep and wake up with angels.


These things are not the secret of influence, God tries the heart of men and trusts them with his people.

History has proven over and over again that God doesn’t place an influence on men based on lies.


Don’t be under pressure to form new associations just so you can also get some “endorsement”. Let God purge your heart. If you ask me, I will tell you that God is all you need, every other thing will fall in place if you pursue God diligently.

Don’t be under pressure to compete just so it will be clear that you are also not failing, no! Ministry is beyond that. Ministry is for dead men.


Don’t be under pressure to lobby for the platform, allow God to lead you to where your own crowd is waiting.

What if God chooses to use you on low-key for the rest of your life?


What if He says “sit down and learn for the next ten years”

One of the marks of men that has encountered God truly is the absence of pressure in what they are doing.


You can’t help God, go to sleep and let Him mold you.