Breaking News: Pastor Paul Enenche Laments Bitterly Against The Insecurities Of Christians

The clergyman also warned those in the Southern part of the country that they are not safe, adding that the authorities have failed to ensure the security of Nigerians.

Enenche, who was visibly angry declared that Nigeria would not be Islamized under the current crop of gospel Ministers who have continued to pray for the nation. He assured Christians that the days of terrorism and those sponsoring it in Nigeria would soon be over.

“I want to tell people in the Southsouth, Southeast, Southwest that you are not safe, don’t think that because you are down there don’t let anyone deceive you. Church service can only happen when we are in a country that is safe and if you are looking to the authorities you are wasting your time.

“We have a God in heaven who will arise because we are dealing with a devil that is a permanent loser, it’s not on our watch that this nation will be Islamized that Christianity will be wiped out.

“The days of terrorism and those who support them are over forever. Nobody has a monopoly of wickedness, violence. We shall not be cowards in our nation and shall not sit and watch until we are finished like chicken.

“In some parts of the country, they formed a local vigilante and you say they can’t. You are not protecting people and you won’t let them protect themselves. Whichever way something is about to happen whichever way it goes. The time has come when village dame guns will finish their GPMGs

“Mysterious disaster shall befall them, you know they have been told that the number of people they kill will send them to hell which is their heaven,” he said

Source: Dailypost

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