(MUST READ)!!! Bishop Feyi Daniels talks about the “Prophetic Office”

Feyi Daniels Talks About Prophetic Office

(MUST READ)!!! Bishop Feyi Daniels talks about the “Prophetic Office”

The life of a prophet is a lonely path. Many that desire it do not consider the price. Having a hundred friends is not a miracle. The miracle is having one friend that will openly stand with you and for you when hundreds are against you… Someone asked me if there is an afterlife, would you still want to be a prophet? My answer shocked him.

The ways of a prophet are controversial. I mean a prophet, not a believer that dreams or walks in knowing and occasional seeing…

The visions of a prophet trouble him. The sounds he hears disturbs him. The demands of a prophet are draining, yet he is mostly spoken against. The price of the prophetic is heavy. His office does not have the promise of “you will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”.


His sight and sound is not a function of the believer’s authority… A believer can lay hands on the sick without having a sacred Christian life… If he knows how to walk in the promises Jesus gave, they will recover.


But the prophet cannot function like that… Of all the things of the Spirit, the prophetic is the only one that doesn’t require the faith of the recipient. When the walk of your faith is weak, you can still heal and work miracles because the recipient’s walk of faith is great…


But not the prophet. You are alone on your path. To hear and see accurately depends on you and you alone… To root out, destroy and plant is on you alone… Your private life will expose you in public… Prophets are men that eat light and go many days without food..


Being heavy with food is a price too much to pay for their accuracy… They have dealt with the flesh because they see through the walls and what is under the clothes… Their tongues are bridled and their lips translated because they hear distant conversations about them.


There are many men with revelation gifts and many teaching prophets… But fully-fledged prophets in the prophetic office are few in nations…


I can count them with my fingers and toes… I know them, our sights jam..


The path of our sight is light and I know when light crosses light…
The prophet must have a great love walk if he will last in his office.


Scribbler: Jedidiah Rachael Daniels


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