Judah Olurunmaiye Speaks On “TRADING ON THE MEDIA MARKET!” (Read Article)

 Judah Olurunmaiye Speaks On “TRADING ON THE MEDIA MARKET!” (Read Article)

I’ve come to perceive the media space as a market where thousands gather to buy and sell goods and services.


If you’re reading this right now, you’re either a buyer or seller on the media market.
As you read, write, like, comment or share you’re participating in some form of trading and in my opinion you’re Trading in the biggest market of the modern man.


The goods sold here are ideologies and philosophies, packed as simple write-ups and personal thoughts, they are ultimately consumed by readers and contribute in a great way to the day to day running of modern society.


Just like there are fake goods in every market there is also “Fake news” and poisonous information camouflaged in sweet words and eloquent speeches.


For the Buyer, I have just one piece of advice… “Carry your eyes go market” Be Discerning!


My intention in this discourse, however, is to encourage and help the Sellers of useful Services in this market, especially those who address man’s relationship with God and Moral uprightness amongst humans.


First, note that we’re selling different goods, Your neighbor’s customers may be the wounded and afflicted because His goods are words of encouragement and letters of consolation and Hope.


Another neighbor could be selling Godly Humour. His customers are the depressed and emotionally drained folks who just Need a laughter break in life.
And although some people are like Jack of all trades, who by experience and learning have become all things to all men, most of us just have an emphasis and we stick to it.


You might be selling words of consecration that establish men into deeper devotions with God, slightly different from the Writer who writes to strengthen the faith of those who are on the verge of quitting, so in the final analysis, we all have different customers in this media market.


Some market days seem like dry days, everyone patronizes the other shop but no one finds your goods appealing. Your Humour Neighbor’s post is trending all over but your Post on “Go and Sin No more” is avoided like a plague.


You see as long as what you’re selling on this space has God’s approval, please note that your profits and Gains in this market is not about popular acceptation,
We all will give an account to God on how we traded with His Goods. As much as it feels good to “sell market”, Our ultimate Judge will decide who was indeed a profitable servant.
But even if no one seems to patronize you, remain consistent.


Just like that Dogged trader wakes up in the morning to open His shop even though previous market days seem like a waste of time, keep doing what you’re doing.
Keep up with those write-ups, Continue with those Nuggets, Don’t stop with those teachings.


Some Goods are like Pure/Table water, they always sell! It’s a basic need that everyone patronizes. However, Some goods are like Helicopter spare parts. They are not for everyday consumption but when you finally get a customer, it’s going to be a Jackpot!


So keep writing even when it seems no one notices, there is a breakthrough day that will announce your services to the world and attract customers from The ends of the earth.


Let me end my blab by encouraging you to “Package Properly”.

Even Bad goods sell if they are well packed, how much more Useful Goods.
If your audience is educated and Literates please type in good written English. You don’t have to be a ‘Soyinka’ but don’t allow bad grammar to distract your customers from those wonderful messages. You don’t need a Professor in English, you probably just need a Dictionary!


Write creatively too, The average reader is a stressed soul, you’ll need creativity to get their attention in a highly “competitive market”.


Please note that in your attempt to be grammatically correct and creative don’t do the extreme of sounding too complex and impossible to comprehend.


Keep things simple, Jesus used parables to teach the mystery of the Kingdom, Simply say things that your audience can relate with and make your writings as applicable as possible.


If you gave up on writing because it seemed there were no ‘customers’, please be encouraged, I’ve been there severally before and this my personal encouragement to you.


I may not be your customer, but there is someone somewhere waiting for you to open shop because their lives and destinies depend on it. Let’s get back to business, I can’t wait to read from you again!