I’ll Never Let Go – Nissi The Psalmist



  • I’ll never let go….
  • I’ll never let go….
  • I’ll never let go….
  • I’ll be holding on strong….

(Verse 1)

  • We’re living each day,
  • With the strength of his grace,
  • When other men fall,
  • We’ll be standing so strong….
  • It’s not by might….
  • It’s not by strength….
  • By His Spirit alone
  • And His love for me….


(Verse 2)

  • I’ll be running this race,
  • With the strength of His grace….
  • My love for you
  • Is second to none
  • And I will thrive
  • And come alive
  • You’re more than enough
  • That’s why I say….


(The End)

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