How Some Press Men Arranged A Woman In My Hotel Room – Arch. Bishop Benson Idahosa

Arch Benson Story About A Woman


I went to a city, and some press men arranged for a woman to hide in my hotel room. I went to bed, started sleeping. 2hours later, somebody had mental problem in the wardrobe, screaming ‘fire’ ‘fire’ ‘fire’. I woke up and I asked myself, where is fire.


I checked the bathroom because I didn’t think anybody could be in the wardrobe.


When she was crying fire fire fire, I’m burning, I’m burning. I heard the sound, I opened the door, nothing! Then I finally decided to open the wardrobe, there was the woman, all her shirt burnt with fire. She came out, all her shirt torn, injury all over her skin. I asked her how come all these? She said press men gave me money to hide in the wardrobe, that when you start sleeping, I should come out of the wardrobe and lie with you, so they can say you committed adultery. She was taken to the hospital, 7days later, she died.


Touch not my Anointed!



Extracted from “Christian Daily Post”