(Download MP3): “Hallelujah Sound” By Grace Adaji

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Nigerian dynamic Gospel icon, exquisite songwriter and a great worshiper, Gracie Adaji releases a brand new electrifying worship song titled “Hallelujah Sound” – what a lovely title for a soul-lifting song!


Gracie Adaji newest effort “Hallelujah Sound” is a powerful worship Anthem that will definitely connect you to the throne of Grace effortlessly.


When legal issues seem to be overbearing – and it appears all hope is gone. Remember you have the best litigator – Jesus Christ. When it seems that everyone is against you and every body has forsaken you. Just remember that God said he would never leave or forsake you.


He would never leave you alone. So even when you see the lightning flashing sing joyfully sing “Hallelujah Sound”. Even when you hear the thunder roll shout Hallelujah to Yahweh. Even when sin breakers are dashing trying to conquer your soul – Jesus said he would never leave you – never leave me – never leave us alone. Hallelujah anyhow.


Oh we can sing “Hallelujah” because God so loved the world that he gave us a way up when we didn’t have a way out. Oh we can shout hallelujah because Jesus came that we might have a life of abundance. Oh we can shout hallelujah because on Calvary our savior bore and washed away our sins.

Oh we can shout hallelujah because as he gave up the ghost he removed our debt – and it is now paid in full. Oh we can shout hallelujah about him being laid in somebody else’s tomb because that was not going to be the conclusion to the story.

Oh we can shout hallelujah because on that third day he assured us that each of us entered into a fixed fight. We can shout hallelujah when we are up. Shout hallelujah when we are down – because God is in control. We can sing hallelujah because we serve a mighty God.


The soul-lifting song “Hallelujah Sound” by Gracie Adaji was beautifully produced by “Sunny Pee”.


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