Download “YOUR LOVE” by Chizi Ezugwu

Ever experienced the feeling of knowing with full assurance that you are loved by someone you so much treasure?
Everyone needs that feeling especially in this generation when several factors are designed to make us feel always depressed frustrated and insane.

Yes, in a time when systems, governments, religion and even humanity have failed and only Jesus has remained faithful, we need the assurance of His Love daily to keep moving.
His Love; ever true and overwhelming is the assurance I have to keep facing the winds.

His love always wraps one up, is so encapsulating and so passionate. We all need this love. Why don’t you hop into it today and get loved?

Chizi Ezugwu was born in Enugu State, Nigeria. His love for God and deep passion for lost souls gave him the privilege of receiving several songs from God including you reign and other soon to be released tracks. He is also a writer and a poet