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Sam Seven is a Spirit-filled Nigerian Gospel Musician, Songwriter, Composer, and Guitarist. His full name is Ogba Samuel Ifeanyi, born on the 10th of November. He started his music career at a very early age. From his church’s children’s choir, he migrated to the adult choir then went further to study Voice, Guitar, Music Theory, and Jazz History at Peter King School of Music.
He recently released his first two mind-blowing singles; “Touch, Hold & Kiss” and “We Won’t Stop” available on all digital platforms.

Ever want to express yourself with a Spirit-filled love song? Well, this is it! “Touch, Hold and Kiss” by Sam Seven will bring you into an overwhelming intimacy with Yeshua.

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“Touch, Hold & Kiss” By Sam Seven Lyrics

By night on my bed, I sought Him
who my soul loves
I held Him and would not let Him go or step away from me
My Yeshua is before me
Oh I’m in awe with all your delight
How much better is your love
Then all the wine I’ve ever tasted
I’m yours and you’re mine
Lord, I’m yours
Tu erés mia

Touch me
Hold me
Kiss me
With your heart

You are very beautiful
I love to sit in your holy shade
Your fruit is so sweet
It’s no secret
you are the one I love
Your fragrance is so lovely
than any spice
I never wanna leave you
after one glance of your eyes
Oh I’m yours and you’re mine
Yes I’m yours
Tu erés mia

I slept but my heart stays awake
Listening for your sound
My heart began to go quicker
As you draw nearer
I could feel and hear its thick beat
Your love enraptures me

Yeshua I’m in love