Download “The Lamb” by Johnny Brown

Johnny Brown is a witness to the body of Christ and a deep lover of God. Johnny Brown was born on April 21st into a family of four. He grew up in Ogun State. His unconditional love for Christ and his burning passion made him choose the way of Christ; using his talent which is singing and making melody in the Spirit.

He is a spirit filled Gospel Artist and a leader at Sounds of Revival Ministry(SOR). Johnny Brown started his musical career at a young age and his ultimate aim is drawing souls closer to God through the word and music.

He is the writer and composer of “Atobiju” which is also his second single that has been impacting and healing lives. Johnny Brown is also the composer of the song titled, “Fellowship” and also “Yeshua” which features another gospel minister by the name Apostle Julius and also the composer of a sound titled SELF

In conclusion, Johnny Brown reflects the image of God and he is enthusiastic about music, specfically, gospel music.

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