Download “The Dew of His Presence” by Olanrewaju Kolawole ft The Lighters

Olanrewaju Kolawole is a Bible preacher and teacher graced with prophetic insight. He is an author of 14 edifying and thought provoking book, an editor and a songwriter.

The Dew is a song he received while on the mission fields in a rural part of Ekiti State. He was struck with a high fever that evening and he prayed with his friend Pst Olufarati Femi, the heavens opened and the lyrics was received.

His passion is to help believers press into a deeper consciousness of God’s presence and the power of the Spirit in the their daily lives. “Irrespective of circumstances, God is with you!”

The song is tagged with the statement “The consciousness of God’s presence puts the believer in a position of advantage and rest even in the vicissitudes of life.”

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