Download Music: “Same God” by Apara Tunmise


This song is a powerful force of hope. This song emphasizes on the consistent nature of God. Indeed it is true that people change, beliefs evolve, situations turn around, economies rise and fall, statuses change, and everything changes, but God alone stays the same. We can change what we call Him but His nature is the same. We can change how we see Him, but still He’s consistent.

You might be up today and down tomorrow, but God is the same. You might be grateful today and ungrateful afterwards but the one with whom we have to do is consistent. In your weakness, when you do not feel the love of God, you must remember that He’s the same God that was there for you when all was good and beautiful.

He’s the same God in the midnight hour as in the day. It doesn’t matter what you go through, God is the same!. Soak in this song and see the hand of God take off the burdens of your heart.

APARA Tunmise is a young and vibrant minister of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. He a music minister and also a prolific and powerful writer.

He is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. He is an associate pastor in sphere of light church under the covering of pastor Femi Lazarus.

His ministry is blessed and characterized with the presence of Jesus and conviction in the hearts of men.