Download Audios: “REVIVAL 2020” At TBC Out Of Zion

TBC Out of Zion is a model New Testament church and an expression of The Baptizing Church located at Cane Village, Wasimi, Maryland-Ikeja in Lagos. Our vision is to raise a generation of influencers.

Revival 2020 Positioning Day 1 With Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Revival 2020 Positioning Day 2 With Deji Kurunmi

Positioned for Maximum Productivity – Pastor Morin Osunmakinde

Revival 2020 Positioning For Maximum Impact With Pastor Morin Osunmakinde

Revival 2020 UNVEILING THE YEAR OF THE LORD With Dele Osunmakinde

Revival 2020 Positioning – Day 4 Morning With Arome Osayi

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