Download Audio: In Your Hands by Moses Bliss

“Too Faithful, Too Fail” popular Nigerian gospel music crooner, Moses Bliss churn out a brand new song and video titled “In Your Hands.”
Moses releases this deep song of worship, expressing total surrender and dependence on God.
“In Your Hands” will instantly go on to make worship playlists because of the simplicity and heartfelt inspired lyrics in the song. The video is shot and directed by Oxygen films.

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Lyrics: In Your Hands By Moses Bliss

I’m going nowhere without you
Oh oh
You are my anchor
I’m doing nothing without you

Oh oh
My life depends on you

Where you lead me I will follow
Precious Holy spirit
This life I live, I live for you
My Life depends on you

Chorus (2x):
My life is in your hands (3x)
You’re the Love of my life

Repeat Verse

Repeat Chorus (4x)

Chorus 2 (2x):
Lord, you own my life (3x)
You’re the Lord of my life

Repeat Chorus 2 (2x)

Repeat Pre-Chorus


My life depends on you
Oh God
My life depends on you (3x)
Like a body, in the hands of a mother

My life is in your hands (2x)
Lord am safe in your hands
Thank you, Lord.