Download Ìfẹ́ ló ń pariwo [Love Screams] by Awe Oluwapelumi

AWE OLUWAPELUMI is the third child born into a Christian family. He is a Songwriter, Composer, and a Recording artist, coupled with being a Registered Nurse by profession. He is currently the Music Director of a music group; THE LEVITES.

Awe’s love for music transcends beyond pleasure as he has been given the mandate of extending the supreme love of God and His burning desire for man to the ends of the Earth, as well as exposing the hidden truth of God’s word which brings about freedom and liberation through the art of music.

In response to this mandate is the release of this song, Ìfẹ́ ló ń pariwo which gives us a deep insight into the love of God that has granted us salvation through His spirit. It speaks about God’s love, which drives us to obey the ultimate command of God – that all men be saved and come into the knowledge of Christ Jesus.

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