Download Music: “If Only You Can Worship” By Nonso David

Nonso David is a young minister called of God to participate in the rasing of True Worshipers, he is the privileged Director of House of David Crew founded by his younger brother Meshac Paul, he never sees himself as a musician but an instrument under God to turn the hearts of younger generation unto God through spiritual songs, inspired words and chants.

If only you can WORSHIP was a charge received as a song during an encounter he had in Otukpo, Benue, he was reportedly sick during the period and on his way from the Place of Primary Assignment as a Youth Corps member, he slumped and literally was unconscious and in that encounter saw angels singing the song from which he got healed and was charged to return to the far north from whence he hailed and raise True Worshiper for the end time church.

He has since been partnering with over 8 youth ministries on different campuses in Zamfara state and holds a weekly Word and Prayer meeting under YOWICAN where he is coordinator and JCCF as a privileged patron of over 6 student fellowships.