Download “HOLY” by Bello Elias

Bello Elias is an Evangelist and the anchor of a popular Christian Broadcast called True Transformations. Born in the commercial city of Lagos, Elias grew up in the choir at The Apostolic Church, Owode-Egba District, Ogun State, Nigeria. In the pursuit of his musical career as a Hip-Hop artist, he strayed from the faith. Addicted to drugs, women and alcohol but was eventually delivered after a personal encounter with the Lord in 2012.

Licensed as an Evangelist in 2019 by the famous American missionary, Reverend Richard C. Whitcomb of the Agape House New Testament Church, Accra, Ghana.

Elias is fully into missions and presently a student of the School of Urban Missions, Eldorado, USA (B.A in Biblical Studies). His desire is to impart this and the next generation with the power of the Holy Ghost through worship and the undiluted word of God. 

The song “Holy”, is an expression of God’s holiness in song. His desire as an intercessor is to draw all men to God’s presence with soul lifting and highly spiritual sounds. His debut gospel song “Holy,” birthed at a place of encounter with the Lord, will definitely be a blessing to the body of Christ.

Social Media Details:

Facebook: Bello Elias Ministries

Fb/IG/Twitter/Tiktok: TGBNTv