Download God Of Miracle [The EP] Album by Paul Ogbeifun Akhere

Paul Ogbeifun Akhere is an Inspirational Gospel Singer whose love for God drew him into music.

He started his music career late last year where he expressed his love for an atmosphere that host the presence of God which leads to healing and miracles in the live of God’s people

About The EP

‘God Of Miracle’ was made possible because it was the will of God that it be done, everybody directly or indirectly involved in the project are just the instrument God decided to use.

The EP was birth out of an hunger for God and also an hunger for his miracle and presence in the lives of his people. All six songs makes us reflect back on God who can make all things possible

The EP has the potentials to bless as many people who do not just listen but also meditates on them focusing on what God can do in their lives. As many that will be bless while listening to this Ep, remember to share your testimonies so others can believe that the God Of Miracle is still alive.

Social Media Details:

Whatsapp: 08107602959
Twitter: @OgbeifunPaul

Download Audios Below:

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