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Today is the day it begins on our end, a phenomenon that has already crystallized in God in eternity. Join us either physically at the Dream Centre Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria, or live via any of our social media handles. We solemnly gather at the feet of King of Glory, to lead us on and fill us up. Till we are drenched and overwhelmed and supercharged by the unveiling of His glory.


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CROSS – A Place To Die  ==> Evang. Ikechukwu


Forgiveness ==> Apostle Ele Adejo


GLORY – Key Into God’s Agenda  ==> Pastor Eyram Bashan


Living With A Purpose  ==> Prophet Samuel Ndubuisi


Manifest Glory  ==> Pastor Gideon Odoma


Prayer And Ministration  ==> Rev. Mary Ochenjele


Prophetic Prayer  ==> Prophet Jesse Jagfa


Prophetic Vision  ==> Pastor Mairas


Receiving A Pattern That Brings Glory  ==> Rev. Mrs. Mary  Ochenjele


Spiritual Slumber  ==> Prophet Ezekiel Jesufunmi


Take Heed  ==> Rev. Gideon Odome





The Anointing  ==> APOSTLE AROME OSAYI


Teaching Priests  ==> APOSTLE AROME OSAYI


The Recovery Of The Lost Manual  ==> APOSTLE AROME OSAYI


The Remnant Anniversary Speech


The Song Of The Bow  ==> APOSTLE AROME OSAYI


The Spiritual  ==> APOSTLE AROME OSAYI


Unveiling  ==> Prophet Ezekiel Jesufunmi





When Not To Receive  ==> APOSTLE AROME OSAYI


The Utterance Of The Cross  ==> APOSTLE AROME OSAYI


The Culture Of Heaven  ==> Evang. Ikechukwu Peter


The Death That Brings Glory  ==> Evang. Ikechukwu Peter


The Glory Of God  ==> Rev. Gideon Odoma


Transforming Prayer  ==> Rev. Gideon Odoma



IEC Audio Messages by Arome Osayi



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