Download Music: “Access” By Brave Dyakkoh

Brave Dyakkoh is a prolific worship minister and songwriter blessed with a gift ” Expression of David”.
He renders this song as a prayer to heaven in reverence to Jesus as the way, truth and Life..!
“We can find ACCESS To whatsoever we need in the Father only if we surrender and ask of Him because he Is the creator of all,” he says.

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Access By Brave Dyakkoh Lyrics

We worship you,
We come before your presence ohh yeeeee

Knock 3X
At the gates of heaven 4X

You said I should knock, and the gates shall open.
You said I should seek,
Surely I would find
Now I appear in the court of heaven
And I ascend by the blood of the lamb…!

Chorus by Lead Alone:
Jesus give me Access Spirit give me Access 2X
Only you can give me ACCESS 2X

Call: Everybody sings “knock knock knock”
Backups: Knock Knock knock at the gates of heaven 4X

You said we should Knock and the gates shall open,
You said we should seek, surely we would find.
Now we appear in the court of heaven, and we ascend by the blood of the lamb.

Jesus give me access,
Spirit gives me access 2X
Only you can give access 4X


Lead: I’ll keep knocking 4X
Backups: I’ll keep knocking 12X

Moses waited for you
Elijah waited for you
Enoch waited for you
Jesus waited for you
I’ll keep knocking 2X

Sarah waited for you
Esther waited for you
Joseph waited for you
And I’m waiting
I’ll keep knocking 2X

Chorus..Till fade

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