Download “A Space For You” by Abigail B. Gold

A Space for you

This song is a projection of the Spirit to facilitate hunger in the hearts of men and recognition that we are inhabitations. That idolatry be replaced with true worship, temples be surrendered, burdens be cast aside, weights be dislodged, and room be made for God, not partially but wholly.
That man comes into the astute reality that by whom he is possessed, by the same he is defined, by what he is filled with, by the same he is valued.

Abigail B. Gold (ABG) is a young Spirit filled minstrel who inspires worship through music. She is biblically defined and passionate about seeing the spread of the God’s glory, that men and women would be akin to the heart of God and their posture affected through worship to capture and discern the revelations of God.

A space for you is one of her releases specially inspired by the Holy Spirit to compel true worship.