Don’t Let Anyone Kill Your Passion For GOD

When I spend hours in church they say I am lazy, jobless and stupid. probably not to my face. But when they spend hours at the stadium watching games or go to night clubs it’s okay.

When I give N200,000 in church they ridicule me but praise me for buying a ticket to a secular musician concert for N500,000. They claim I am enriching a pastor but they are happy to support an artiste.

When I donate N1,000,000 to sponsor a crusade they say that Pastor is using me to gain popularity but when I spend N10,000,000 to buy a house for a side chic they praise me as a generous guy and a Kool dude.

I love God and as a member of my church, I have come to love some men of God. Why do the world call me a fanatic? But lovers of CR7, MESSI, SALAH, Aubameyang, MANE, Ndidi, Shata Wale, Davido and Wizkid are fans.

You spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol and other things that you think make you happy but when I pay tithe, missions offering, welfare dues and sow seeds in church you think I am not normal.

You travel to France and USA for vacation and entertainment but when I go to Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Canada for church service you think I am wasting my money.

You wear CR7 & Messi’s jersey, have Shatta Wale, Davido, P Square, Sarkodie and Michael Jackson’s pictures and other materials in your car, house etc but when I wear a T-shirt with my Church’s picture, you feel I am weird.

Child of God, don’t let anyone kill your passion for God and His work. Keep being a fool for Christ.

Ukah Ndubuisi Odigomma