Seek to carry God’s power.

I am not here to scare you with this write-up, but here are some things that I have seen that has shown to me that you without a lifestyle of PRAYER AND FASTING, BACKED UP WITH THE REVELATION OF GOD’S WORD, one will be defeated.

I was with a minister of God some years ago, he went to conduct baptism at a river for some believers, on his way to the river he saw a sacrifice on the road which he scattered with his legs, he then moved on to conduct the baptism for the people. That same day he dreamt that a man came to meet him in his dream and asked him for the reason why threw his food away. They began fighting in the dream, however, the dream ended and the man of God woke up. He died few days after sharing this dream.

Recently, I was reading the story of a pastor who went to minister in a village and he ended up burning the shrine in that village. Immediately after burning the shrine, he became deaf and dumb.
The stories shared above are sad stories but they are true. Is Jesus dead? Certainly not! Is Jesus not powerful? Certainly he is!
I am not here to eulogize the power of the enemy, I am only here to tell you that delving into certain realms without being equipped with dangerous level of prayers and a life of fasting, you may make mockery of your calling.
There are certain things you don’t joke with if God has not sent you there. The dark places of this world is full of the habitation of cruelty, you have to be both sent and equiped before delving into certain things. All these I am saying so we don’t make Christianity look funny.
I was ministering in a village a few years ago, my friends will remember this story correctly, the moment I told them to go bring their idols as a sign of total surrender to Jesus, a very strange rain began falling only at the venue of the meeting. When you get to junctions like this, general faith is not the way out, you need power; power that can confront assaults from the pit of hell. Remember the sons of scefas! Don’t jump out without power, and even with power, develop a life of prayer and fasting. Certain things will not respect the words of your mouth they bow to power.
May 1 2019.

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