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Apostle Seth Ibrahim

Apostle Seth Ibrahim is the founder of Believers Resort Centre Kudendan Kaduna, an interdenominational ministry with the mandate of inspiring a generation to seek the face of God and to present all men perfect in Christ.


His meetings are characterized by sound teachings, intense and fervent prayers and encounters, deliverance…He holds a weekly Wednesday meeting at Grace Divine Gospel Church Zokoriko, Kudendan Kaduna.


He is also the founder of Kingdom Breed Project, which is an evangelistic arm of the ministry which seeks to invade cities and villages with the mandate of establishing the Kingdom Life and Principles in the heart of men, through the preaching and teaching of the word and through divers miracles and signs and wonders.



One Thing Is Needful


Buried Or Carried _ The External Destiny Of Men


Spiritual Fervency


New Wineskin


The House Of Prayer


Ministerial Patterns


Dynamics Of Fruitfulness


Faithful Servants


Four Mistakes Of The Rich Fool


The Believer’s Inheritance


The Father’s Love