So Touching!!! A True Story Of A Young Christian Lady Who Decided To Share Her Past Mistake To Inspire You

In 2015, I gained admission after 5 years of writing jamb and I gained admission into Uniben to study microbiology. I had tough moments, well it wasn’t obvious physically that I had a child since my body was still intact except you get close but I never stopped thriving to be better. I had seen ladies in my street who such happened to and they ended their lives, becoming less of who God had made them be, some went into dating several men and having more children, some played continuously but aborted amongst other things but I chose to keep pushing.

Yes, I made several mistakes I wasn’t proud of but I never stopped moving and working towards being a better version of me and most especially being who God has created me to be. When I say I have been through a lot, believe me, I have. Some guys came but left because I had a child, one even told me since I am “tokunbo” and he’s “tokunbo”, let’s get married amongst others but here I am a graduate of the University of Benin, department of microbiology and graduated all glory to God for seeing me through.

Now believe me when I say, my name is Enebong Blessing and I am one who is helped by God. I would be sharing some of my experiences over these past 6 years, the mistakes I made, the lessons I learned amongst others to encourage someone out there that if I can do it then you can do it. Having a child is not the end of your life except you want it to be, being a single mum can’t stop you from fulfilling destiny, I know you were abused but you can still rise, my parents are separated or divorced but God is still there.

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