So Touching!!! A True Story Of A Young Christian Lady Who Decided To Share Her Past Mistake To Inspire You

Enebong Blessing


I was born several years ago in Abakiliki barracks (well my dad is a soldier so be warned) and I happen to be the first daughter of the family. I have been a reserved person but I love reading a lot. Growing up was interesting for me provided you gave me my space and my books(you can say I am a scholar). I was very naive as I wasn’t exposed even when I lived in barracks knowing the news that surrounded barracks and sex itself but I was still never influenced. I never dated anybody because I knew I wasn’t ready to get involved with foreplay, sex, and the likes, I never visited a guy alone in his house, I disliked giving guys my contacts because I didn’t want it to lead anywhere and I needed to focus on my studies maintaining my good grades but then this changed.

In 2012, I met this handsome man, in fact, he was my dream man; tall, handsome, he was part of the angelic mass choir in heaven, his chest was so broad that I wished I could sleep on it forever(chai Blessing, you are spiritual sister naU??). We fell in love and we started doing what was meant for the marriage except for the sex since we were both naive.

In 2013, the foreplay became so intended that we decided to experiment and I gave my consent. The pain was too much such that I couldn’t bear so he had to stop since I was crying and he hated to see me hurt. That sex of less than 10minutes changed the course of my life forever.

I felt so guilty that I cut communication with him and went on to live my life not knowing a seed had been planted. I had a small body and flat tummy so it wasn’t obvious until the 5th month when I told my mum innocently that I had not seen my period (remember I said I was naive) and we went for a test,I even lied that I had never had sex but the doctor was a sharp man and he went on to do the pregnancy test without my consent. The test came out positive, I could see the pain and disappointment in mum’s eyes, “I wanted to present her a virgin to her husband but she has brought this upon me”. Mum was my father and mother as dad left us and left her with five children to cater for.

Enebong Blessing

Fast forward, I kept the child and my social life was on halt but I had the support of my family and God so faithful the support of the child’s family. I was told to get married that time as a teenager but I refused because I couldn’t make another mistake that I would live regretting not because I didn’t love the guy but I wasn’t sure(I know what you are thinking, I wasn’t sure yet I did go the married way).

Some friends left me, some stayed, some came along afterward, some church members called me names such as prostitute amongst other names, I cried those periods than I laughed. I attempted suicide but I was caught by my mum and she told me never to try such and they kept watch over me.

October 10, 2013, came and I had close to 20 hours of labor pain (only the mothers would understand) and I went through that as a teenager and the child came forth past 11 at night, oh how beautiful the boy looked. I thought my life was gonna end but the child gave me hope. Thanks to my supportive family especially my mum and late brother, I told them I wanted to go back to school and they never objected. Mum always believed something good would come out of me.