For those who think I don’t know about some demonic activities – “He talks as though demons are not real!”

2013, a group of people were praying at a Lodge in FUTA and I was stirred to join them. It was 2AM

When I got in there, 4 ladies, 2 Men

Praying fervently

Then 2 out of those ladies were falling anyhow under the power, Rolling on the floor and standing up again. That was where one of them spoke out.

” I am your spirit husband, I won’t leave you, We are married”

I didn’t waste time, I left my spot
Touched the lady
And said to her, You don’t have spirit husband! Say it.

She didn’t believe it. So she didn’t say it, she had seen sperm on her body Many times after waking up from her sleep and she was tired.

She had gone to many places for deliverance!

After the prayer, I went back to my room and immediately I shut my eyes.

A ugly looking lady appeared to me and said “I AM HERE TO KILL YOU, You think you can set her free? “

I didn’t bother praying. I just slept off and woke up. (I don’t pray about such things in the physical, So my spirit didn’t respond to it in the spiritual, Can you kill your boss? If Dog is mad he must know his madness stops at the door of his owner, I own death, Death is my property, Even God can’t kill me, He will need to tell me when he wants me to come home!)

The next day, This lady came to me and said, I slept and he didn’t come to make love to me!

I just replied

I told you, You don’t have spirit husband!

It’s Just Demons playing “Charlie Charlie” with your mind!

She said what about the sperm?

I clearly told her, “It’s part of the Game”

That was the end of it all, No special deliverance service, No special bath by the River, Just knowledge!

I have done this Many times to Countless People, JUST KNOWLEDGE AND YOU WILL SEE YOU WERE NEVER IN BONDAGE !

No Demon spirit can eat the baby in your womb. That dream you used to have after which your pregnancy dissapears is a game!

No demon spirit can eat your baby, They can’t even touch your shadow, Not to talk of your baby.

You need to know who you are

We have been immersed into FIRE!



Pics Caption: Lady opens her own DEAF ear publicly after I showed her who she is in Christ! It happened Publicly!

Let’s show you road
Stop doing Agidi!